RAA Approved Crash Repairers

RAA accredited crash repairerWelland Crash Repairs are not just ordinary crash repairers.
We strive for Excellence.
We are committed to providing excellent Customer service.
Our Crash repairs are amongst the best in the country – and we have the awards and accreditations to back this up.Our most treasured accreditation is with the RAA.

We are very proud to be RAA Approved Crash Repairers and one of the few Crash Repairers who have been RAA Approved for over 25 years.

Being an RAA Approved Crash Repairer means:

  • We will charge you a fair price for the work they’ve done
  • We won’t charge you for work that hasn’t been done or isn’t needed
  • All customers are treated with courtesy & respect
  • RAA has assessed Welland Crash Repairs and found we have:
    • The required knowledge
    • The required skills &
    • Crash repair equipment
      to perform repairs at a high standard
  • RAA conducts regular audits to ensure we maintain our high standards required to be and remain an Approved Crash Repairer
  • Above all, Approved Repairers want to do the right thing by their customers and keep them coming back, as well as keep their RAA Approved Repairer Status.

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