Choosing the right Crash Repairer

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What we and our cars all have is common is that inevitable that every one of us will need a crash repairer at some point in our driving career.

Some of us need a crash repairer more frequently than others! Even the most careful and skilled drivers have accidents.

So how do you go about choosing a crash repairer to repair your vehicle? Contrary to popular belief, not all repairers are the same. Some repairers specialise in certain makes and models. Some lack the right equipment to repair late model, 4 wheel drives or Hybrid (electric) vehicles.

So what do I look for?

1. As an absolute minimum, the repairer should be RAA approved.

An RAA approved repairer operates their business to a strict code of conduct and agrees to provide safe, industry standard repairs as a minimum. The RAA approved repairer program also ensures the repairer has the minimum equipment required for their sector.

2. Check to see if the repairer is endorsed by any major insurance companies.

If a major insurance company is happy to endorse the repairer, it means that they have faith in the repairer to provide a certain standard of repairs and service to their insured clients.

3. Check to see if the repairer has any accreditations or memberships.

Industry groups and accreditation bodies ensure their members adhere to specific codes of conduct. Industry groups to look out for include: Master Collision Repairers, Motor Traders Association (MTA), Female Friendly.

4. Check to see if the repairer has any environmental commitments.

Very few repairers are overly concerned about the environment when it comes to repairing your vehicle. A repairer with Environmental management accreditation will ensure that everything possible is done to minimise the effect your vehicle repairs have on the environment. Almost everything on or in a vehicle can be recycled, It takes a little effort but it can be done.

Welland Crash Repairs Pty Ltd has a system in place to ensure quality repair standards are maintained and customer service levels are consistently high. They will be able to deliver your vehicle repairs on time to get you back on the road sooner.

Many insurance companies have ‘preferred’ crash repairers, but at the end of the day you have the final say. Choosing the right crash repairer will result in a safe, efficient repair that will maintain vehicle resale value and ensure many more years of safe motoring for you and your family.

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