Boat Trailer Repairs

boat-trailer-repairsYou need your boat trailer to be ready for action at any time. When the tides or weather are right for a boat cruise you just want to be able to hook the boat trailer up and get on your way. If the boat trailer is damaged or there’s a problem with it – the lights for example – then that eats into your cruising time.

Welland Crash Repairs are experts in trailer repairs and can ensure your boat trailer is serviced, road-worthy and any repairs have been properly carried out.

Boat trailer repairs can include:

  • Light Replacement and Rewiring
  • Suspension Repairs and Upgrades
  • Brake Service, Pad Replacement, Fluid Replacement and Upgrades
  • Wheel Bearings Repacked and New
  • Winch Replacements
  • Roller Replacements
  • Puncture Repairs and New Tyre Fitment
  • Hub and Axle Replacement
  • Jockey Wheel Replacement
  • Hub and Wheel Upgrades
  • Skid and Teflon Replacement
  • Multi Roller Retrofit
  • Towball Weight Measurement and Adjustment
  • Complaint Safety Chain Supply and Fit
  • Drive On Trailer Upgrades
  • Supply and Fit Electric/Hydraulic Braking Systems
  • Minor Welding Services


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