Caravan Repairs

caravan-repairsIf your caravan gets damaged or has a few dents in it, and you’d like it looking like new, then Welland Crash Repairs are the people to do that for you.

Welland Crash Repairs fixes body damage on caravans as well as vehicles and trailers. We have a team of panel beating and spray painting experts to fix your caravan and restore it to its former glory. Our repairs are so good, you wont see where it was previously damaged – and neither will a new owner if you decide to sell it. That means you’ll get more for your caravan if you sell it or trade it in. That’s money in your pocket for a good repair to your caravan.

Caravan Refurbishment

We can respray your caravan to the original automotive quality, matching its original paint.

Replace Aluminium Cladding
We can replace aluminium cladding on all makes and models and in some cases can replace the old aluminium cladding with a more modern and robust checker plate aluminium. Whilst replacing cladding it is also a good time to repair any wood rot that can be easily seen/repaired once the cladding is off.

Caravan Insurance

If your caravan repairs are covered by your insurance policy, our Admin Team can assist with paperwork, coordinating with your insurance company and other affected parties etc. We’ve been repairing vehicles for years so we have the insurance company contacts and know what they need to process your claim quickly.

Contact Us to discuss repairing your Caravan.