Your motor home is where you live when on holidays and so you expect it to be in good shape.
If it gets dinged or its involved in a vehicle accident you want to get your motor home repaired quickly, professionally so you can get back onto the road again

Motorhome Repairs

family-in-motorhomeYou want the repairs to restore your motorhome to its previous glory – to make it as good as new, and  you want to be confident that the repairs will last. You don’t want to be out the ‘back of Bourke’ to discover the repairs were shoddy and are stopping you from enjoying your holiday or trip.

Welland Crash Repairs are experts in repairing vehicles of all sorts, and have a special affection for motorhomes – so when we fix your motorhome its going to stay fixed. You wont even notice where it was damaged – and neither will the new owner if you decide to sell it – so that means you’ll get a better re-sale price for your motorhome.

Paint Restoration
We can make repairs and match the paint so you can’t see the difference, or if needed, we can completely respray the motorhome to the original automotive quality matching its original paint, even if there’s more than one colour involved.

Aluminium Cladding Replacement
We can replace aluminium cladding and in some cases can replace the old aluminium cladding with a more modern and robust checker plate aluminium. Whilst replacing cladding it is also a good time to repair any wood rot that can be easily seen/repaired once the cladding is off.


We Help You with Insurance Paperwork

If your motorhome suffered a major accident, or damage and you are insured, then our Admin Team will help you with the paperwork, coordinating with your insurance company and other affected parties etc. We’ve been repairing vehicles for years so we have the contacts and know what insurance companies are looking for to process your claim quickly for you.

Our Motorhome Repair Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Motorhome Insurance Repairs
  • Private Motorhome Repairs

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