Trailer Repairs

Trailers are an important part of many businesses and when your trailer is off the road it directly impacts your business. Welland Crash Repairs can repair your trailer promptly and professionally to get you back on the road fast. We can also repaint your trailer with industrial spraying enamel so it looks as good as new.

All Trailers Repairs

tradie trailer repairsWe repair all types of trailers including:

  • Box Trailers
  • Tradie Trailers
  • Lockup Canopy Trailers
  • Covered Trailers
  • Dog Trailers
  • Tandem Trailers
  • Flat Tray Trailers
  • Plant Equipment Trailers
  • Off-road Trailers
  • Stock Hurdle trailers
  • Boat Trailers
  • Horse Floats
  • Caravans

Aluminium Trailer Repairs

Aluminium trailers are popular as they are lighter, and so easier to manoeuvre, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and as they don’t rust they have a longer life span. Welland Crash Repairs can provide quality repairs and service for your aluminium trailer to make sure it does the job you need for longer

We can repair your trailer so it looks like new. Contact us for more details and a quote to repair your trailer.