Hail Damaged Car Repairs

When mother nature unleashes her fury, there can be many victims including your car. If your car is caught out in a hail storm it runs the risk of being hail damaged. Golf ball sized hail can create an array of unsightly dents across your vehicle’s roof, bonnet and boot.

Hail dents can make repair very expensive and if you aren’t covered by car insurance it can hurt!

Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal technology can often be suitable for hail repair. This technique makes it possible to remove small dents without having to respray the car. This approach reduces time, materials and hence the costs of a partial or complete vehicle re-spray.

Unfortunately, paintless dent removal can’t be used for all hail damage repairs, so its best to have your car’s hail damage professionally assessed. Welland Crash repairs can provide the full range of car repair services to restore your car to its original condition following hail damage.

Windscreen and Window Hail Damage

As well as panel damage, hail can shatter glass panels such as your car’s windscreen, door and rear windows. Refitting vehicle glass requires specific expertise to do the job right – fortunately, the team at Welland Crash Repairs are experts at replacing broken and cracked windscreens and car glass.