What do panel beaters do?

It’s likely the only time you think about crash repairs is when you have an accident in your pride and joy. So, you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to exactly what it is that panel beaters in Adelaide do.

The steps involved from us receiving your car on the back of a tow truck to it leaving Welland Crash Repairs at the end of the job can be quite complex, but let’s take a look at the major steps involved.

Here are some of the tasks that panel beaters do:

Assessment of damage or repair

The first step is the assessment. We inspect the damaged areas, identify the underlying structural issues and determine the necessary repairs. The assessment also involves estimating the cost to undertake the repairs and communicating with the owner and insurers.

Panel Repair or Replacement

We repair panels and, where repair is not possible or feasible, replace panels. Repairing panels involves using a variety of tools, such as specialised hammers, to reshape and remove dents. This is where the term ‘panel beaters’ originates from.

Re-align the vehicle’s frame

For many collisions, your vehicle’s frame will be compromised and will need to be fixed. This will involve straightening and realigning the frame to bring it back to its original shape and condition. To do this a panel beater will need to be skilled in a variety of techniques, including welding and metalwork as well as using specialised vehicle repair equipment.

Prepare surfaces for refinishing

Once panels are repaired, we’ll prepare the panel surfaces for refinishing. This involves removing paint, rust and any imperfections, as well as filling any scratches with fillers. We’ll sand the surface to achieve a smooth finish.


Your pride and joy is then ready for repainting. We’re experts at matching the original paint colour of your car. Near enough is never good enough when it comes to auto vehicle paint colours.

Final detailing

We then perform final detailing work to ensure your car looks great – probably as good as new! This involves cleaning, polishing and waxing the outside and cleaning the inside. We also perform any necessary touch-ups to complete the repair process.

Quality check

The final quality assurance and testing is then carried out to make sure we’re handing your vehicle back to you in full working order and in safe condition.

Panel beaters or specialised car collision technicians?

On reading the above tasks you may have realised that the term panel beaters is a little out of date. After all, using hammers and other tools to ‘beat’ your panels back into shape is only part of the process.

This is why most panel beaters these days refer to themselves as crash repairers. If you’d prefer to call us specialised car collision technicians, we’ll accept that too!

Panel beaters in Adelaide – Don’t call just anyone

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Our workshop features the latest in collision repair technology, and our people research and employ the latest methods to safely repair vehicles. It’s why our reputation for first-class crash repairs in Adelaide is so strong.

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